The problem: A rose-bed in a historic square in Margate had become overgrown, filled with litter and the roses needed to be dead-headed.

What happened:  Five people turned up with bags, gloves and tools in hand. As well as weeding the bed and dead-heading roses, they chatted about new things and learnt of other events to go to. Passers by stopped and asked if they could be involved in future gardening events. One lady, called Rose, said she loved gardening and would love to join in. A series of three couples sat on the opposite bench for a while and each one made a comment at how much better it looked and said what a great idea it was.

“One simple tweet, with one simple proposition lead to me connecting physically with a total of 13 people in a constructive way in my neighbourhood. Nevermind the number of people we reached through social media. We even made it, unbeknown to me, into the local paper. Without We Will Gather this would not have happened.”

What’s happened since: The local resident’s group saw the action happening and have spoken to the council about maintaining the bed.

The person who started the event is planning future #wewillgather events in Margate – and has become a moderator on the site to encourage more local people to get involved.

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