Revolutionary Arts

Revolutionary Arts is dedicated to new ideas, fresh challenges and radical thinking. It makes things for places and people.


Nesta promotes innovation in the UK. We help people and organisations bring great ideas to life by providing investments and grants and mobilising research.

Office for Civil Society

The Office for Civil Society, part of the Cabinet Office, works across government departments to translate the Big Society agenda into practical policies


vInspired, the national young volunteers service, is an independent charity dedicated to helping young people volunteer in their local communities.

RSA Fellowship

The RSA Fellowhsip is a diverse and influential movement for social change. RSA Fellows inspire innovative thinking, enable positive change and support each other.

Love Clean Streets

Love Clean Streets is an award winning mobile and cloud based service, letting people report things like graffiti, fly-tipping or potholes though their mobile phones.

Clean Up Britain

Clean Up Britain is a high-profile campaign group, which aims to tackle the problem caused by 1.3 million pieces of litter thrown from cars every week. Clean up britain aims to change behaviour and make dropping litter as socially unacceptable as drink-driving.