#wewillgather lets you start an action in your community, and find people to help complete that. It’s powered by Twitter.

It’s open, easy to adopt and 100% compatible with good people.

For #wewillgather to work, you need a good thing that needs to be done, a place for people to meet up, and a date and time.

It starts with happy social.

From Twitter: Tweet with the word ‘help’, the hashtag #wewillgather and a postcode.

Our website will start a page for your action, and will Tweet you a link to it. Then you can add all the extra details you’d like.

Once you’re done, we’ll approve it – and together we can gather the people you need to make your good thing happen.

The page you’ve created for your good thing will show who has signed up to help. We’ll help with reminders and things, and if you’re short of people to help we’ll try and gather them for you.

Alternatively, search the site for good things you might like to be a part of, and sign up to them with your Facebook or Twitter account.


A day before the start of a good thing, a reminder will be sent to everyone who’s signed up, reminding them they have signed up for it.

An hour before the start of a good thing that has been set up, #wewillgather will send a Tweet out asking for extra good people – if that good thing doesn’t have enough.