Here at #wewillgather, we think you should be able to make where you live into a better place. All the good things people start on the site are about that.

But, we hear you call, what about Health & Safety? Well, whether you start a good thing or take part in an action someone else has started, we want you to be safe. But we also think you’re grown up enough to be trusted to get on with it.

This section of the site will develop as more people do good things. It will fill up with practical, honest and simple help which will allow you to do the good things you want to do, safely.

While we develop lots of specific advice and guidance, remember, when you’re doing any good thing;

Stop, look and listen 
AND If you don’t feel safe, don’t carry on.

Write it!

If you are an excellent expert, we’d love your help with our practical Be Safe guides.