1. Introduction

    If you use the Website, you must comply with these Terms and Conditions.  Within these Terms and Conditions, ‘Good Things’ refer to Projects posted on the #wewillgather website and ‘Good People’ refer to Users of the Website.Even though you really have to read these Terms and Conditions in their complete, total, whole, entirety, #wewillgather reckons the most important points for you to understand are:

    1. You must be 16 years of age or more than 16 years of age or have parental or guardian(al) consent to use the Website. You may only create a Profile and create or join ‘Good Things’ if you want to and the Terms and Conditions are agreed with and said yes to by you.
    2. You must comply with #wewillgather’s House Rules when you contribute Content to the lovely Website.
    3. The Good People’s Good Things are independent from #wewillgather, and #wewillgather has no control over the Good Things the Good People have to offer. And so, #wewillgather is not responsible and cannot accept liability for the Good Things.
    4. Just because a Good Thing is shown on the Website, it does not mean it is available.
    5. Anything you put in a Good Thing page is public. #wewillgather won’t share your personal information with other people or organisations, but what you make public we have no control over anyway.
  2.  Website Use

    1.  You agree that #wewillgather may at any point and without prior notice to you replace or change around these Terms and Conditions. Your continued use of this Website after amendments are made means you accept the Terms and Conditions as updated. So really you should visit this page pretty often to review the Terms and Conditions.
    2. You guard the secrecy of any password you have with your intellect and will not let any other person or organisation use it. You must let #wewillgather know immediately of any suspected misuse of your password.
  3. Accuracy

    1. #wewillgather does not guarantee that the information contained in the Website is accurate, verified or entirely whole. #wewillgather accepts no liability if you or any person or organisation relies on or uses the information.
    2. #wewillgather does not guarantee that the Website will be perfect, or that the Website or your use of it will be free of viruses or harmful material. You are responsible for ensuring that your computer is protected before you use the Website.
  4. Information

    1. You agree that any information you give to #wewillgather is true.
    2. (ii) Where content on the Website is supplied by others, #wewillgather does not control or endorse said content at all.
  5. Creative Commons

    #wewillgather by Revolutionary Arts is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. So we don’t mind you using the stuff we’ve written on #wewillgather, as long as you acknowledge it. Please send links to [email protected] and we’ll probably be rather chuffed and tell our friends.

  6. Linked sites and Providers

    1. When you access any other website through the Website (including Good People’s websites) you understand that they are independent from #wewillgather and that #wewillgather has no control over that website, or the services offered through it.
    2. Where a Good Thing is posted on the Website, #wewillgather cannot guarantee that it will be available. So it goes without saying that #wewillgather has no control over its availability.
  7. Liability

    1. In circumstances where you suffer loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website, #wewillgather accepts no liability.
    2. #wewillgather accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by your participation in a Good Thing. Any concerns or complaints regarding any Good Thing should be directed to the Good Person who is administrating that Good Thing.
    3. #wewillgather shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused by your use of another website or resource. Any concerns regarding any external link should be directed to [email protected] immediately.
  8. General

    1. #wewillgather may assign, transfer or replace #wewillgather or subcontract any or all of #wewillgather’s rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions at any time.
    2. If any term of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms shall continue to be valid.
    3. These Terms and Conditions and your use of the Website are governed by English law and you are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
    4. Except in respect of a payment obligation to #wewillgather, neither you nor #wewillgather will be held liable for any failure to perform any obligation to the other due to causes beyond your reasonable control.
  9. House Rules

    If you upload any Content to the Site, you agree to accept the following house rules at all times:

    1. You must not post or upload any Content or use the lovely Website in a way that breaches any law.
    2. You must be nice. You must not post or upload any Content or use the lovely Website in a way that is offensive, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, harassing, false, misleading or unreliable, or in a way that brings or is likely to bring the lovely Website or #wewillgather into disrepute.
    3. You agree to not contribute Content that will infringe another Good Person’s, organisation’s or person’s rights (including rights of privacy or publicity).
    4. #wewillgather reserves the right to remove/edit any Content at any time.
    5. You are wholly responsible for all Content posted by you on the lovely Website and for materials (including but not limited to emails) sent by you in connection to the lovely Website.
    6. Please let #wewillgather know immediately by contacting #wewillgather at [email protected] if any of these rules are broken by you or other Good People, or if you have any concerns about material posted to the lovely Website.
    7. Using your access to the lovely Website to send unsolicited bulk email or spam is really not allowed.
    8. #wewillgather and/or any Good Person administrating a Good Thing reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the lovely Website or to a Good Thing immediately at any time.
    9. Any Content you post to the lovely Website may be used by #wewillgather for any purpose.
    10. If your use of the Website, uploading of Content or breach of these Terms and Conditions creates losses for #wewillgather, you will compensate #wewillgather for all its losses (including direct and indirect losses, all costs and damages).
  10. Glossary

    1. “Content” refers to any Good Person generated content posted, attached or added to the Website including but not limited to any comments, text, audio clips, emails, information, screenshots, photographs, pictures, videos and artwork.
    2. “House Rules” refers to the house rules that form part of these Terms and Conditions.
    3. “Good Thing” or “Good Things” refer to any volunteering activities (including but not limited to projects and events) offered to users on the Website through a Good Person (or provider).
    4. “Good Person administrating a Good Thing ” refers to organisations volunteering activities to Good People (or users) through the Website.
    5. The “Privacy Policy” refers to the privacy policy that forms part of the Terms and Conditions.
    6. “Profile” refers to any profile you create during your use of the Website.
    7. “Terms and Conditions” refers to these Terms and Conditions, including the House Rules and Privacy Policy as updated or amended from time to time.
    8. “#wewillgather”, “our”, “we” or “us” refer to #wewillgather (for details about #wewillgather please see the end of these Terms and Conditions).
    9. The “Website” refers to this website: #wewillgather.co.uk