#wewillgather is for people who want to make the places they live in better for everybody. It helps to make good things happen.

It’s not an organisation, a charity, a social enterprise or a business; it’s just an idea, a website, Twitter and a bunch of good people. It’s the people that are the important bit.

Get involved…

We’d love you to be involved, especially as there’s no big organisation behind #wewillgather. If so, go right ahead! Or maybe you’d like to help with moderating, promoting, supporting or fundraising for #wewillgather.

And above all, share it!

We’re making the data behind #wewillgather easily available through RSS feeds and an API. We’re also making the code behind #wewillgather available under an Open Source licence. So, if you’d like to, you can use our data on your site or build your own version to use.

#wewillgather is made by Revolutionary Arts with funding from Nesta and the Office for Civil Society.

#wewillgather by Revolutionary Arts is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.