Seven steps to a successful cash mob

Seven steps to a successful cash mob

We recently ran a Cash Mob Challenge on #wewillgather, encouraging people to start a cash mob to support local business. So what's a cash mob and how can you make yours a success?

What’s a Cash Mob?

A flash mob waving cash! A cash mob is an event in which people come together to shop at one shop at the same time, usually pledging to spend a minimum amount of £5 or £10. There aren’t really any fixed rules, but here are some pointers:

Seven Steps to Cash Mob Success

1.            A few weeks before you want to cash mob pick a date, and a central meeting point. Create a #wewillgather action by Tweeting the hashtag #wewillgather, the word help and a postcode. Start a Facebook event too, and invite everyone you know.

2.            Ask for nominations for a shop to be mobbed, against certain criteria (e.g. locally owned, walking distance from the meet point, range of goods under a fiver). This gets people involved and gets them talking about good local shops. 

3.            Talk about it online- use Twitter and Facebook and use the #wewillgather hashtag to extend your reach.

4.            The night before your cash mob, place your nominated shops into a hat.

5.            On the day go to the meeting point and wait for people to come (it’s nervewracking, but they will). Try to look obvious; consider using a marker. A helium balloon or brightly coloured umbrella works well. Or we can send you a #wewillgather T-shirt!

6.            Wait a few minutes to ensure everyone is there. Pull the name out of the hat, shout it out and go and spend your money. 

7.            Mix it up – you could give your cash mob a theme (food, for example) or you could add something extra, like feedback forms for the shop so they are left with a lasting legacy, or bring a busker to keep the mob entertained. It's your cash mob - make it special!

You can also read about some of the cash mobs people have started with #wewillgather on our blog  or take a look at other sites to get some inspiration